About Rentals

Carrie's Couture only rents to clients within the United States. All items are rented for 30 days, the 30 days are counted from when the client receives the item. The price includes first class shipping both to and from the client. If you wish for expedited shipping please message me prior to purchase as it requires an additional fee. 

If you are having a special event in a month and plan to rent a large number of items they can be reserved for you for with a non-refundable deposit. In most cases only one item is available as a rental and the item you want may be rented or sold.

If the client keeps the item beyond the original 30 day rental period, 7 days after the original rental period has ended the client will be charged for another full months rental. If there is no communication from the client 30 days after the rental period has ended, the client will be charged for the items purchase price (see example below for how that amount is calculated).


Clients are responsible for properly caring for items and packaging items for returns. A paper describing how to properly care for and package the jewelry will be included with your rental.


Should an item be damaged, stolen, or altered while in the client’s possession, the client is responsible. The client will either pay for the repairs or for the retail price of the item minus the cost of the rental with 15% off the remaining price, if the item cannot be repaired or has been altered.  Carrie’s Couture may decide, at the company’s discretion, that the damage was in the course of normal wear and waive the repair fee.  


Should a client wish to keep the item they may buy it at a discounted rate from the retail price.

If the client wants to buy an item, it is damaged beyond repair, or there is no communication from the client 30 days after the original rental period has ended, a sample price is as follows:

Retail Price $125   Rental Price $25 

$125-25=100*85%=  Cost to client $85 


If a client is unhappy with their rental they may return the item upon receipt and either in exchange for another rental or for their money back minus the cost of shipping.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Thank you!

Privacy Policy: Personal information is not shared for any reason.


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